Today in the city Judsonia 20.07.2017
Andrew Garfield Explains That Cringey Comment About Being A Gay Man

Andrew Garfield dipped his toes into some scalding hot water earlier this month while discussing his role in the London production of Angels In America. For someone who has been a vocal proponent of L...

Donaldson and Crithfield Found Guilty In Foster Dunhill Offshore Insurance Tax Evasion Case

Stephen Donaldson Sr. and Duane Crithfield were convicted on all counts of tax fraud arising from the Foster Dunhill offshore business insurance deduction scheme.

'A Band-Aid on a Major Wound'

Three men in blazers sat elbow-to-elbow, microphones before them, a bright blue banner behind them, optimism all around. One by one, they sketched out a vision for a brighter Knicks future. They spoke...

Newspapers’ Stand Against Tech Giants Won’t Save Them

Newspapers’ business models have been taking on water for years thanks to the rise of Google and online advertising, and they’re continuing to gradually sink as their readers find more of their news o...

Mayim Bialik Calls Out "Absurd" Policy Of Blurring Out Women's Faces

Thanks to some strained vocal chords, Mayim Bialik can't speak for a month. And if some people have their way, you not only won't be able to hear her — you won't see her, either.The actress used an al...

Two Ancient English Statutes And A Dispute Over Modern Voidable Transactions Law

A demonstrable misinterpretation of English law from over 400 years ago has created waves in contemporary fraudulent transfer law.

'Orange Is the New Black' leads more than 100 Scottish prisoners to ask for Kosher meals

Inmates in Edinburgh jail are believed to have started asking for kosher food after watching "Orange Is the New Black," the Netflix television series set in a women's prison. In a 2015 episode of the...

Uproar in Israel and Beyond as Netanyahu Yields to Ultra-Orthodox Jews

The Israeli prime minister backtracked on a deal over a prayer space at the Western Wall and approved a bill on Orthodox control of conversions to Judaism.

See NASA jettison a stuck solar array into space - CNET

An experimental flexible solar array refuses to roll back up, so NASA sends it packing from the International Space Station.

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